General Maintenance of Fitness Equipment

General Maintenance of Fitness Equipment

Routine general maintenance of fitness equipment is important for prolonging the life of the equipment, keeping it operating at peak performance and reducing the risk of potential liability issues. Many facilities find that in the long run they actually save money by detecting potential problems and Residents are not inconvenienced by frequent equipment breakdown. The following summary explains what our procedure consists of.

Upholstery Cleaning & Conditioning: We will wipe clean all upholstery and apply a protectant to the upholstery to help protect it from the ravages of use. Keeping the equipment’s upholstery clean, dry and conditioned is vital to reduce wear and cracking.

Equipment Cleaning: Equipment frames, weight stacks, exposed working parts and other target areas exposed to dust, dirt and sweat will be wiped clean. Sensitive electronic components of treadmills will be vacuumed to eliminate the dust buildup. Dust and dirt can be equipment’s worst enemy. A dust buildup can reduce the effectiveness of the equipment and encourage wear and degradation of critical components.

Oil & Lubrication: We will inspect, clean and lubricate weight stack guide rods, chains and pulleys, treadmill belts and decks, cycle and stepper chains and other areas where there is high friction.  Lubrication of equipment is one of the most important aspects of General Maintenance. Lack of lubrication can quickly cause a buildup of friction and excess wear and tear.

Equipment Adjustment: All cables, pulleys and chains will be adjusted for optimum performance. Treadmill belts will be tracked and tensioned. This greatly reduces the risk of accidents.

* If any damage is noticed or any part needs replacing, we will take note of it and bring it to the attention of the Property Manager. Size of the facility and amount of equipment serviced determines cost.